#HCDF2016 Collecting Memories

készítette: Albert Dorottya

The period between the 5th and 11th of December meant something important not only for Bakelit MAC but hopefully for the 5 dance companies/institutes who were in Berlin with us. We spent seven days together, we saw amazing performances and the unforgettable exhibition of FKSE, we shared our experiences, and got acquainted with organizers, artists and spectators. Now, for making these memories live, we collected a few impressions of backstage people:

Fotó: KNI
Fotó: KNI

“I can tell you something about the opening performance in Povvera (David Somlo, Imre Vass – it comes it goes): First of all I think it was a great idea to have the connection between the installation and the performance. They fit great together and for me the installation extended the meaning of the performance. Personally I enjoyed most the kind of interdisciplinary connections across the boundaries from one art scene to an other, which is a profit for the festivals. So its not only about the connections between different countries and the contemporary dance which crosses borders but also about the links in the art scene. Inspired from the dance piece and the exhibition the audience stayed till late night to discuss their impressions of the evening.” – Sarah Vogt


“I had the pleasure to see the show of Ferenc Fehér entitled Hello, Zombie. This contemporary dance performance is the result of a long and complex work where the dancers have elaborated and have examined the body and the moves of the zombies which are the popular subjects of horror movies for decades. I find an extraordinary achievement that the performance does not use any additional accessories such as make-up or decoration referring in an explicit way to the zombie world but the choreography along with the music and the shadows alone are able to create a spooky athmosphere. I would accentuate also the quality of the music which harmonizes perfectly with the dance.” – Barbara Losoncz


“There was a remarkable difference between the first two festivals and the third one that just ended: at this time the attendance and the interest of the press and professionals was more intense. Additionally a few directors and curators of cultural institutes were also highly interested in seeing the performances. We are glad to say that each show was sold out. We could have noticed that there were as many foreign (German) spectators as Hungarians. After the show they stayed for a couple of hours to exchange their impressions on the pieces they had seen, and have discussions with the artists and organizers as well. We had a cosy and friendly atmosphere in Dock11 and Povvera, it was charming for us too. The most heartwarming moment was when the Berliner audience which is famous for being demanding and critical was applauding on their feet.” – Ágota Harmati, festival manager of the Hungarian Contemporary Dance Festival in Berlin


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