Being active can only happen offline? Maybe not. This fact was proved by our last active spectators programming, which we decided to manage online, in the facebook group of active spectators. The idea and aim did not change: vote together those performances which to be invited in Bakelit, however it was something different from our previous programmings. The criteria was not so strict as before, when we also discussed the technical requirements of the show. Now we did not have the opportunity to enter deeply some issues, but despite it turned out to be an exciting process of voting.

This selection of performances happened with an exact purpose: in May 2018 Bakelit organizes a digital painting, 3-D visual and contemporary dance mini festival as partner of a project which focuses on the relation between technology and performing arts. The active spectators had to choose from 8 international shows, all of them thematizing this topic. Using facebook’s facilities, we shared these 8 shows’ trailers in comments, we made distinction between “love” (2 points) and “like” (1 point) marks, and only a fast counting was the last task.

We were searching for up to three performances, which, hopefully, will be part of this mini festival. Here they are:

Cosimo Miorelli: Der Träumer

“Der Träumer, the live-storytelling project I’m developing with musician and composer Fabrizio Nocci took us on an exploration of Berlin and its southern periphery. The performance first took place at Plateau Gallery, on the 8th floor of Greenhouse Berlin, overlooking the southern ring and the Tempelhofer Feld.” – Cosimo Miorelli. An adaptation of this project to Budapest and the special post-industrial environment of Bakelit would be a memorable and interesting project to be developed.

Alva Morgenstern: Aurora Digitalis

Live performance with video projections and body extensions.
In Aurora Digitalis a woman wearing a dress of light slowly loses her identity as a human being as we witness her transformation. In front of our eyes creatures of a species we have never seen appear, reminiscent of insects, which envelop and spread their wings. The hightlight of the performance is the unusual use of body extensions.

Laurence Yadi & Nicolas Cantillon/Cie 7273: Shooting Stars

This is a contemporary dance piece, an ornamental writing, a choreography inspired by the celestial universe. It is the story of three shooting stars, three fine cosmic dusts revealing themselves to be deep, intense and elusive; immediately vanishing before getting to touch the floor. And however it is not a performance relying on the interrelations between digital technology and dance, its magnetic atmosphere, and the flow of dance will “add on top the overflowing energy of the soundtrack and you will end up with the cocktail of a lifetime” – as they say.

Above these highly-rated shows, Bakelit wills to invite back last season’s most loved company (which during our previous programming session reached the highest rate), Elektro Kagura, which sensitively combines Japanese rituals and traditional dance elements with contemporary dance (Ichi Go), electronic music (AXL Otl) and live painting (Yukihiro Ikutani).  “We propose a modern version of the ancient Japan, where the divine energy is replaced by electricity, where the myths are described with comics projected on the walls, where music is played on synthesizers and computers, where feelings are enhanced by overlapping live painting”.

To sum up, our active spectators have chosen these 4 performances which we invite to participate the digital technology & performing arts mini festival in May. We are glad to see our active spectators’ opinions and style, and we are looking forward to seeing the audiences’ reactions as well, but until then: 4 months, organization, and so on. See you in 2018, stay tuned, be ACTive!

The active spectators programming was realized in the frame of Be SpectACTive! project.

Featured image: Cosimo Miorelli: Der Träumer /photo: Maria Silvano



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