Bakelit Multi Art Center is a cultural institute in the industrial area of Budapest.

This area was originally use in the early 1900’s manufacturing war related products. After the Second World War, the area developed into spinning factory for textile workers. Since 1999, this industrial area holds a multi art center for the innovative and creative aspects of fine arts and performing arts.

Since then, there is rhythm in this building of the industrial area.

Bakelit M.A.C aims to build common future of these artists by accommodating them with diverse artistic spaces such as recording studios, rehearsals halls, performance halls and stage, exhibitions and events rooms.  This multi art center gives the opportunity for various artists to learn, create, and perform as it is an environment to think creatively through the arts. This allows the artists to develop personally and artistically in order to give the greatest performance to their audiences.

Bakelit M.A.C welcomes the following types of fine arts and performing arts:

  • Contemporary theatre
  • Dance
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Exhibitions
  • Private and Business events
  • Conferences

Our Receptive Theatre Tender was founded in August 2007 in order to accommodate artists in the performing arts. As a result, many performances have been created in this repertoire adding a lively touch to its appearance. We welcome diverse and multicultural talents in order to embellish the cultural mainstream of Budapest, Hungary.

Bakelit M.A.C. also holds a hostel to assist all our guests and artists on a journey for arts and culture. The Factory Hostel of Budapest aims to create multiple friendship experiences while hosting our guests who are on a learning period, study camps, rehearsals and many more other journeys. Due to the various functional rooms available at the center, Bakelit MAC offers multiple services participating and collaborating to the development of various types of fine arts and performing arts.

The Factory Hostel of Budapest is also available for international tourists as it is a convenient access to the beautiful and colorful city.

For more information and booking please visit: www.factoryhostelbudapest.com

Bakelit M.A.C. aspire artistes of many kinds to develop their artistic talents from an educational to a professional success. We want to offer the best support every steps of the way on this beautiful artistic journey.

Because life has a rhythm to shine.


We are part of the European Network of Independent Cultural Centres, the  Trans Europe Halles.


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